Namaste and Hi from me Camel. Oh Wow, does this Yoga pose feel great! Along with a wonderful stretch, it's nice to get a new perspective! I spend a lot of the day with my spine bending forward. When I do THE CAMEL POSE, not only to I get to gaze at the beautiful sky above but also my back gets a much needed stretch in the opposite direction. My humps slide right down between my legs, they don't even get in the way! My humps as you know can hold a lot of water so I don't need to worry about finding water in the desert and I can focus on Yoga and meditation.

So take it from me Camel and give the Camel Yoga Pose and other Yoga asanas a try. Stretching my spine deeply in a new direction, gazing up at the sky and drinking lots of water, has made my many days and nights in the desert pure bliss.





Mini Camel