Namaste and Hi from me Dead Bug! Oh no! Do I look like I am dead?! Don't worry I am just so relaxed that I guess I do kind of look dead.

You probably just haven't seen a bug do Yoga before! It feels so great stretching my groin muscles in The Dead Bug Yoga Pose. Bet you didn't even know we had groin muscles? Oh yes, we have MANY! Sometimes eight or more! You should give it a try and feel the great release and relaxation of those often tight muscles. It makes sitting for meditation quite a bit easier.

So lie on your back, bend your knees, grab your toes and stretch your muscles. Breathing deeply is VERY important in all of the Yoga poses, but this one especially so. Keep that belly rising and falling so no one mistakes you, like they often do when they see me, for being dead!! Let everyone know that you are very much alive, just relaxing deeply like me, in the Dead Bug pose.


Dead Bug



Mini Dead Bug