“Namaste” and “Hi” from me, Down Dog. It sure looks like I'm a puppy ready to have some playtime, but actually, I am doing one of the most important and most practiced yoga poses there are! It's called Downward Facing Dog. Being a dog, I do this a lot. Watch any one of us for a little while and you will see us practicing this pose. It stretches all parts of my body in one long, wonderful movement. Try it and you will see how this really simple pose is simply amazing.

Downward Facing Dog helps to make all parts of my body limber and feeling free. It even massages my insides! Funny to think about, but it's true. My liver, kidneys, and especially my digestive system all get a good workout. I would love it if you joined me, Down Dog, in practicing this really amazing and, yes, even playful Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose.

Down Dog



Mini Down Dog