“Namaste” from me “The Turtle”.. I feel soooo.. lucky to be able to carry my home on my back! Anytime I feel like it I can just relax into this Yoga pose named after me and feel so calm and comfortable in my own home. Now, I know you don't carry your home on your back like I do but, there IS a way to feel just as comfy wherever you happen to be.

The TURTLE pose stretches out parts of my body that allows me to sit in meditation for longer periods of time. I like to listen and concentrate on what is going on INSIDE of me. I like being out in the world too but sometimes I just need some quiet time to remember to listen to the Spirit that is inside. You probably already know that Turtles are known for being kind of slow. Well, being slow and not rushing is really helpful when I go inside. Sometimes taking a good long while to concentrate on the beauty that is within me makes the times when I am outside playing in the mud just that much more fun!!! There is a special place inside of you too! Try being “A Turtle” like me sometimes and feel how really wonderful going “inside” for a while can feel!





Mini Turtle