Upward Dog



Mini Upward Dog



“Namaste” and “Hi” from me, Up Dog. Do I look like I am howling at the moon? Well, I am actually practicing a yoga posture called Upward Facing Dog. It feels so great to be lengthening my whole torso. I especially love the feeling of stretching my back in a different direction than I usually do. And about that howling...well, sometimes I do kind of make a sound, but it is more "Ommm" than your ordinary run of the mill howl. It is a very special howl! Ommm, I'm told, is a sound from which everything in the whole universe was created. Imagine that!

When I finish my Upward Facing Dog Pose, I could howl with happiness. I no longer have any tension in my shoulders or back. There is a saying that “you are only as young as your back is flexible.” By doing yoga, I could feel like a puppy for the rest of my life