The best news is that we're growing!

Look for more fun characters and a variety of new gear and gifts for the yoga enthusiast in 2008

Other Yoga Zoo™ products available include the following:

• fitted cotton sleeveless tees
• fitted tanks • cotton yoga pants
• bookmarks
• Lotus Bear zipper pull

YogaZoo™ TV
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We are so pleased to introduce to you the new and unique line of plush animals called YogaZoo™. Each character is inspired by the yoga pose for which it is named. Our very first members are: Up Dog and Down Dog, the Cat, the Cow, the Monkey, the Camel, the Dead Bug, the Lion, the Turtle, and the happily meditating Lotus Bear. Each design comes with a booklet that explains the animal pose and serves to educate and inform about the time honored practice of yoga!

YogaZoo™ animals are not only cuddly and cute — they are also properly posed and deliciously soft to the touch. Each animal face is carefully hand-stitched and filled with irresistibly charming detail. Simply put — they will make you smile!

YogaZoo™ designs are available in two sizes. The original, first edition characters are 8-10 inches in size. The Limited Edition miniatures are delightfully faithful versions of their larger YogaZoo™ friends, and at 4-5 inches in height, are the perfect size to collect!